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Arts to Grow

Designing a logo and brand identity for a nonprofit arts education organization that brings performing, visual and literary arts classes to inner-city public schools in the New York City metro area.
Arts to Grow offers in-depth and hands-on programs for students to work in small groups with professional teaching artists. Designlounge created a fun and creative logo identity to express Arts to Grow’s approach to providing afterschool arts education classes. Through the flexibility of the logo in an interactive environment and when used in physical locations, it reveals its diversity and fun through the typographical design on the front and illustrations on the back of the “letter/logo cards.”

The back of each logo/letter card reveals whimsical illustrations that reflect various art programs such as painting, theater, sculpture, and improvisation.

We also created the stationery, a flexible folder system, and provided the architecture and basic elements for the website.

Design Services
Logo Identity, Stationery, Website