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Disability History Museum

Designing a website that hosts thousands of virtual artifacts relating to the history and experience of people with disabilities. An educational section provides tools and curricula for teachers to bring a deeper understanding of disabilities into the classroom.
The Disability History Museum is an online experience that allows users to search thousands of digital artifacts that document the history of disabilities from blindness and deafness to many other forms of physical and mental disabilities. The website’s exhibit and special feature sections are currently being updated to include an extensive overview of the American author, activist and lecturer Helen Keller who is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities. The site will be adjusted to be responsive to different screen devices at a later date.


Design Services
Website Architecture, UI and UX design, Template Development
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The Disability History Museum Library
The library section of the website allows users to search a vast collection of digital artifacts that are associated with the cultural and social history of people with disabilities. The user interface design includes the ability to search by collection, format, source, keywords and date range.

The results can be displayed in list views or thumbnails. Each search result can also be viewed in an enlarged format with additional information and links to other sources or educational materials.

Website Exhibits and Special Features
Virtual exhibits tap into the rich collections of artifacts to explore changing conceptions of the public good, liberty, dignity, independence and citizenship. A new exhibit, for which we designed the interface, will describe Anne Sullivan’s circumstances of her upbringing before she became Helen Keller’s teacher and companion. The exhibit will launch later this year.

The documentary “Becoming Helen Keller” is a 2-hour film biography for the PBS series American Masters and will air later this year. We worked with the film director to create the identity for this special feature and helped with the integration of the logo into the website and social media sites such as Facebook.