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Freedom House

A redesign of a torch and logotype for an organization dedicated to the promotion and expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.
Founded in 1941, Freedom House, with main offices in Washington and New York, is a non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights.

Designlounge worked with Freedom House to redesign and unify the organization’s main publication system consisting of major reports that provide data relating to “Freedom in the World”, “Freedom of the Press”, and “Freedom on the Net.” We also created design systems for smaller report series as well complex maps that illustrate freedom around the world.

Freedom House then approached Designlounge with the task to refresh the brand and logo identity. A torch has been the symbol since the organization’s inception and had to be kept as part of the identity. We simplified and strengthened the torch symbol as well as modernized the typographical arrangement of the name “Freedom House”, which can now be used more flexibly for different purposes.

Design Services
Logo Identity, Stationery System, Publication System, Project-specific Geographical Maps

A simplified bold symbol
Logo System and Stationery

Annual Reports, Fact Sheets, Short Reports
The Freedom House Publications System

Maps for different purposes and sizes
The Freedom House Maps