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Good Shepherd Services

Good Shepherd Services is a leading youth development and family services agency in New York City that serves over 30,000 program participants a year. Since 2006, Designlounge has designed eight annual reports, a monograph describing the evolution of this mission-driven organization, capabilities brochures, maps to locate the many programs throughout the city, newsletters, as well as advertisements.

Annual Report 2012: Achieving Impact
The 2012 annual report highlighted new opportunities to bring Good Shepherd Services’ work to additional neighborhoods, as well as the initiation of innovative programs to expand the web of support. Designlounge created a bold and active graphic system to bring attention to the organization’s impact.
Design Services
Strategic Support, Design, Print Production

Annual Report 2011: Expanding Boundaries
The accomplishments and activities described in this report highlight just some of the ways that Good Shepherd Services has worked to help our program participants take ownership of a more promising future. Central to this work are the partnerships with families, with schools and with the broader community. We initiated and art directed a photoshoot to capture the essence of six program participants and made the portraits the focus of the report. The description of the achievements and financials were printed on a separate paper and bound into the oversize folded report.
Design Services
Strategic Support, Design, Print Production, Photography Art Direction

Annual Report 2009: Resilience

Annual Report 2007: a thriving mission-driven agency

Annual Report 2006: Building Momentum