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Good Shepherd Services

Good Shepherd Services is a leading youth development and family services agency in New York City that serves over 20,000 program participants a year. Since 2008, Designlounge has designed seven annual reports, a monograph, capabilities brochures, advertisements, newsletters and other materials.
The organization provides a wide variety of programs and services to support vulnerable youth in protected environments, helps those that are disengaged reconnect with their communities, and gives them the opportunity to take ownership of their future. Below is a selection of annual reports we designed.The 2012 annual report illustrated an “active” year through dynamic symbols that support the theme of “Achieving Impact”. Six portraits of program participants were the focus of the 2011 annual report to highlight specific programs.
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Strategic Support, Design, Print Production
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Annual Report 2012
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Annual Report 2011
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Annual Report 2007
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