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Guana Island Resort

Helping a private island resort in the British Virgin Islands to create brand consistency across all marketing materials in print and on the web.
Guana Island is a privately owned island resort in the British Virgin Islands. Amidst 850 acres of natural untouched beauty, the resort caters to a maximum of 32 guests at a time. Designlounge worked with the owners to apply the existing logo identity and to create a suite of integrated marketing materials consisting of the capabilities brochure, several service brochures, and fact sheets as well as the website.
Design Services
Logo Identity, Stationery, Brochures, Fact Sheets, Website

The Virgin Island that still is
The Guana Island Brochure

An island of undisturbed natural beauty
The Guana Island Resort Website

Discovering the island trails and other activities
Nature & Trails, Activities and Spa Brochures