Designlounge Workflow

International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)

Designing six annual reports and many other materials for the ICTJ over a period of 12 years has produced a large body of work relating to the field of transitional justice.
The ICTJ assists countries pursuing accountability for past mass atrocity or human rights abuse. The Center works in societies emerging from repressive rule or armed conflict, as well as in established democracies where historical injustices or systemic abuse remain unresolved.

Besides six annual reports, Designlounge designed a multitude of publications spanning all aspects of ICTJ’s work relating to transitional justice and human rights. They include special reports, briefing papers, and fact sheets, as well as an identity manual to help staff and outside advisors join the complex conversations.

We also created a publication template system and trained the staff to be able to produce reports and papers in-house.

Design Services
Strategic Support, Design, Photo Art Direction, Photo Editing, Print Supervision
Other Projects for ICTJ

Annual Report 2011-2012