Designlounge Projects

International Planned Parenthood Federation/WHR

Creating a modular system of marketing materials for an organization that promotes the belief that every individual is entitled to quality health care and a life free of violence and discrimination. We also created various invitation systems to support IPPF/WHR’s outreach efforts.
The International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR) needed a modular system of marketing materials that would provide the organisation’s development team with the ability to quickly assemble a general brochure with individual inserts and to appeal to specific audience segments.

The pocket for the inserts reveals itself after the brochure is fully unfolded. Designlounge worked with the IPPF/WHR team to develop the strategic direction and design approach.

Design Services
Strategic Support, Design, Print Production
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Various Invitations to Lectures and Happenings
The next step was to design a system of services brochures and separate program location maps that were housed in a specifically created pocket folder. Each brochure was color-coded and designed to be short and concise so they could be changed and reproduced easily.
Design Services
Design, Print Production