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Which countries rank high or low on a scale of disclosing revenues from oil, gas and mining? We designed the Resource Governance Index reports for Revenue Watch Institute with bold charts and infographics to visualize the stark differences of revenue disclosures between countries across the world.
The Resource Governance Index reports communicate the ranking of resource-rich countries in terms of their government efforts to be open and transparent about releasing relevant financial data from the sale of oil, gas, and minerals. Designlounge worked with the Revenue Watch Institute (now Natural Resource Governance Institute) to design and produce the 2010 and 2013 Resource Governance Index reports and fact sheets.
The RWI/NRGI website also features tools that use and display the ranking data in interactive formats.
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Report Design, Infographics
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Resource Governance Index Report 2013
rgi_2013_report_cover_734 rgi_2013_report_spr_01_734 rgi_2013_report_spr_02_734 rgi_2013_report_spr_03_734 rgi_2013_fact_sheets_734 rwi_rgi_website_800
Resource Governance Index Report 2010
rwi_index_cover_734 rwi_index_spr_01_3_734 rwi_index_spr_02_734 rwi_index_spr_03_734