Designlounge Projects

Parsons The New School for Design

Creating a platform for outgoing Parsons The New School for Design BFA and MFA students of the photography department to advertise their capabilities and portfolios to prospective clients and creative agencies.
Designlounge was approached by the Photography Department of Parsons The New School for Design to create a logo identity, a website as well as a series of marketing and promotional materials to showcase the work of the BFA and MFA photography graduates. We developed a simple yet flexible logo that could change colors and overlap just as photographic categories can be combined.
Design Services
Strategy, Photo Editing, Design, Website Development, Print Production

Providing a visual platform
The Student Portfolio Website
For 7 years, outgoing BFA and MFA students from the Parsons photography department were included in this website to present their work to interested agencies and future employers. Each portfolio consisted of up to nine images and all student work could be searched by category of interest or specialization. A news section kept enrolled students in touch with recent graduates and alumni.

Announcing the new website
The Parsons Photo Book Brochure
We designed a small brochure that was mailed to a long list of organizations and individuals that always have an interest in seeing new photographers and their visual exploration and vision.

Oversized and visually impressive
Promotional Mailers for BFA and MFA Photographers
Searching for a fresh vision for your advertising company? Want new photographers for your gallery? Need editorial photographs that tell stories or novel portraiture? These were the questions we asked and incorporated in this first series of promotional mailers that were sent out to introduce the Parsons BFA and MFA photography graduates.

MFA Mailers

A Second Series of Promotional Mailers
Photography has the capacity to evoke, rather than tell, to suggest, rather than explain. It includes and excludes in a single moment. That moment defines a personal style. It’s perspective, expression, and interpretation. It’s about the edge. The edge of the frame. This next series of promotional mailers showcased BFA and MFA student work that appealed to an audience looking for what is in the frame as well as outside the frame. And that also refers to what can be read and what is left up to the reader to complete the meaning.

MFA Mailers