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Petit St. Vincent Resort

Implementing subtle but effective changes to refresh and strengthen the brand across all online and print media for Petit St. Vincent Resort, a luxurious yet understated private island resort in the Caribbean.
Petit St. Vincent, also called “PSV”, lies 40 miles south of St. Vincent in the Grenadines and belongs to a group of islands sprinkled across what may be the most beautiful stretch of water in the Caribbean. Designlounge began working with the previous resort owners more than a decade ago to provide strategic advice and to design all brand materials in print and on the web.

When the resort changed hands the new owners continued to work with Designlounge on all aspects of the visual brand, beginning with minor modifications to the logo identity and brand language.

In order to maintain and strengthen the brand equity that had been established over many years, the redesign of materials such as brochures and newsletters were carefully calibrated to reflect the upgrades of the resort.

Design Services
Identity, Stationery System, Printed Newsletters, Map, Flyers, Website, Email Newsletter
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Photo Credit: Mike Toy

Capturing the island’s essence
The PSV Capabilities and Spa Brochure
We designed the capabilities brochure to reflect an understated and elegant resort atmosphere. A prospective guest or travel agency can learn more about the resort, review different accommodation types, and envision trying out the many activities.

The luxurious hillside spa and wellness center is Petit St. Vincent’s special place to refresh your mind and body. The spa brochure provides all treatment details and highlights how a guest can relax among the treetops while being provided with the ultimate rejuvenating experience.

Locating tropical news the fun way
The 12°32′ Newsletter
Designlounge created a flexible and entertaining newsletter format which the resort publishes once or twice a year. It allows the resort owners to tell “island stories” that remind past guests of their time on PSV, and that will spark curiosity in new guests. The newsletters also highlights staff members— the resort owners take the well-being of the staff very seriously and care deeply for their advancement.

Fun Fact: The newsletter name change from 12°31′ to 12°32′ did not signify that the island had moved itself to a slightly different location. The initial name was based on a generous rounding up of the geographic coordinates which were later revised to be more precise. A case of not finding the island was never reported although it would give the word “hideaway” a completely new meaning. See more newsletter design details and images. →

An image-driven experience
The Petit St. Vincent Resort Website
As part of the project, Designlounge redesigned and launched the website that site visitors can explore experience the island through many slideshows and in-depth content. Read more about the redesign process. Read more about the website and process. →

A flexible and fun graphic system
Flyers for Events, Special Offers and Beach Bar Happenings
We created a set of flyers that advertise certain events on the island or seasonal special offers. The “Yachtie” flyer informs sailors coming onto shore what the beach bar & and restaurant, also called “Goatie’s Bar”, has to offer but also which areas of the island are off limits to ensure the privacy of guests.

Keeping guests informed
PSV Email Newsletter and eBlasts
Email marketing is an effective tool but the content should be engaging and truly informative to connect with the intended audiences. We helped Petit St. Vincent to create a digital newsletter template that highlights upcoming events on the island as well as changes to inter-island flights and other important guest information. The newsletter can be adjusted for one-off mailings or as part of larger eBlast campaigns.