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Petit St. Vincent Resort

Designing a fun and entertaining series of newsletters for a tiny 115-acre tropical island in the Caribbean.
Petit St. Vincent, also called “PSV”, lies 40 miles south of St. Vincent in the Grenadines and belongs to a group of islands sprinkled across what may be the most beautiful stretch of water in the Caribbean. Designlounge has worked with Petit St. Vincent Resort for well over a decade on all needs relating to communications and design, and while strategies and designs received necessary updates over time, the newsletters remained a constant. It is an informative and entertaining marketing tool for the resort and we always had fun to let our creative energy spark with each new edition.
Fun Fact: The newsletter name change from 12°31′ to 12°32′ did not signify that the island had moved itself to a slightly different location. The initial name was based on a generous rounding up of the geographic coordinates which were later revised to be more precise. A case of not finding the island was never reported although it would give the word “hideaway” a completely new meaning.
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Newsletter Fall 2015
psv_newsl_fall_2015_cover_800 psv_newsl_fall_2015_spr_01_800 psv_newsl_fall_2015_spr_02_800 psv_newsl_fall_2015_spr_03_800
Newsletter Fall 2014
psv_newsl_fall_2014_cover_800 psv_newsl_fall_2014_spr_01_800 psv_newsl_fall_2014_spr_02_800
Newsletter Spring 2012
psv_newsl_spr_2012_cover_800 psv_newsl_spr_2012_spr_01_800 psv_newsl_spr_2012_spr_02_800
Newsletter Fall 2007
psv_newsl_fall_2007_cover_800 psv_newsl_fall_2007_spr_01_800 psv_newsl_fall_2007_spr_02_800
Newsletter Fall 2002
psv_newsl_fall_2002_cover_800 psv_newsl_fall_2002_spr_01_800 psv_newsl_fall_2002_spr_02_800 psv_newsl_fall_2002_spr_03_800