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Designing annual reports for Riverdale Country School since 2011 to provide context to why donor support is important to ensure a successful and forward-thinking educational experience.
For Riverdale Country School the Annual Report of Gifts remains to be an important vehicle to tell the stories of student and teacher achievements as well as to communicate financial details.

We have worked with the Riverdale Country School since 2011 to visualize those stories. In 2013 we began to incorporate the goals and financial progress of the school’s seven-year capital campaign, named “R+ The Riverdale Campaign”.

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Annual Report 2015-16
Identifying and Seeking Purpose
Finding and maintaining a sense of purpose is both exhilarating and challenging. Purpose is a driver of happy, fulfilled lives, but staying the course requires firm footing, initiative, courage and critical character skills. The cover of the 2015-16 annual report boldly visualizes “Purpose” through type and imagery.

Clifford Ross, a Riverdale alumnus, immersed himself in a roiling ocean as he photographed waves in the midst of a hurricane. The overall report concept illustrates this purpose, the idea of identifying and seeking purpose, in the classroom and beyond.

Annual Report 2014-15
R+ The World
The theme of the 2014-2015 report was “R+ The World” and highlighted Riverdale’s efforts to prepare students for a fundamentally changing and globalized world. It is Riverdale’s mission to provide students with the tools necessary to meet these challenges and at the same time to foster a more equitable global society.

Designlounge designed the report to draw connections conceptually and geographically with an emphasis on service and experiential learning, language and culture, as well as the great outdoors. How about canoeing in Alaska, 90 miles of the grid? Or learning from a village elder in an Amazon community in Peru?

Annual Report 2013-14
R+ You = a secure future for Riverdale

Annual Report 2012-13
Asking the Big Questions

Learning Curves Poster
The Next Level: Stories of Partnership and Progress