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Riverdale Country School

By choosing to become a falcon at the Riverdale Country School, a student will become part of a long-standing tradition of success and pride both in the classroom and on the playing fields and courts. Designlounge worked with the school to refresh the athletics icon and overall brand identity. “Go Falcons”
Currently Riverdale students in the middle and upper schools can join over 70 sport teams including football, soccer, volleyball, squash, tennis, track and field, ultimate frisbee, and many more. Managing and keeping track of the consistent integration and application of the brand elements in printed and online materials but most importantly on uniforms and sports apparel is a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. Designlounge developed an identity system that has enabled the athletics department to quickly combine and apply the appropriate brand elements. This includes the basic wordmarks with or without the icon, the uniform numbers in varies sizes, as well as the signature “R“.

Below on this page are selected visuals that demonstrate the elements and application of the new athletics identity.

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The typography of the new brand is based on an elegant but strong and compact typeface. The “Falcons” wordmark was created with the subtle addition of “beak spikes” applied to specific letters to express speed and finesse. We provided all instances of the wordmarks in combination with the sport-specific names for all teams.

Brand Icon and Mascot
“Look, there is a new falcon flying around.” The mascot costume was created based on the new icon design and was quickly embraced by the school community.

Photos courtesy of Riverdale Country School
A system based on flexibility
The falcon icon can be used by itself or with the wordmarks “Riverdale” or “Falcons”. The signature R with its prominent “curved foot” at the end of the diagonal stroke plays an important role not only as part of the athletics brand but also in the school’s visual identity.

When combined with the icon the eye of the falcon fills the upper space in the R, which in typographical terms is also called the eye. Falcons see everything.

Brand and Identity Guide
We developed a detailed athletics identity guide covering all aspects and variations of the brand elements, technical specifications and apparel applications to ensure consistency across the entire athletics department.

Football and Soccer Fields on the Riverdale Campus
The beautiful Riverdale Country School campus provides the perfect backdrop for games and athletic events.

Photo courtesy of Riverdale Country School