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Entitled “Ahead Of The Curve”, the 2016-2017 annual report for Riverdale Country School focuses on the growth mindset that puts Riverdale, and its students and faculty, ahead of the curve.
In “Ahead of the Curve”, learning curves are expressed through the visual upward pathways for growing knowledge, across all grades and disciplines. Letters and words describe Riverdale’s approach to learning and the letter shapes become the visual representations of the learning curves. We created the alphabet of 26 learning curves to demonstrate the power of letters and at the same time describe the creative and academic diversity of a Riverdale education.

Photography by Matthew Septimus →

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Learning Curves Poster
The Alphabet of Learning Curves
The design of the alphabet clearly resonated with Riverdale’s leadership and the entire community, which sparked the idea to create a poster of letters. The versatility of the design concept has also been adapted to create an additional poster with just white letters which will be used by students to write, draw, and paint their own learning curves by filling in the “blanks.” What better way to express imagination and upward trajectories.