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Riverdale Country School

Named “R+ The Riverdale Campaign: Inspiring Education” we created the brand identity and supporting communication materials in print and on the web for Riverdale Country School’s comprehensive seven-year capital campaign.
In the Fall of 2014, Riverdale Country School went public with a major fundraising effort to secure the school’s future with the necessary resources to offer a truly exceptional educational experience to the students. Among other priorities, this $100 million campaign will enable the school to add or update buildings, develop new programs, and bolster financial aid. Designlounge collaborated with Riverdale’s leadership team to develop the campaign brand identity and supporting materials to communicate this seven-year effort.
Design Services
Branding, Logo Identity, Stationery System, Invitation, Digital Presentation, Annual Reports, Campaign Brochure, Website Integration
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Identity and Branding
R+ is the campaign symbol and signals that Riverdale is actively seeking to propel the school to the next level. Combined with the theme “Inspiring Education”, the identity reflects the clarity and strength of the campaign goals.

Campaign Annual Reports
The first campaign annual report was themed “R+ You = a secure future for Riverdale” and outlined the campaign goals and initial progress. A year later, the second report highlighted some of the meaningful ways in which Riverdale connects students with the world, a true embodiment of R+ The World.

Campaign Brochure
The R+ Campaign Brochure was designed to specifically report on the campaign progress and how contributions will be used to enhance the educational experience at Riverdale.

Digital Presentation
We developed a digital iPad presentation that Riverdale’s leadership team uses to introduce the campaign goals in person or via projections.

Campaign Website Section
At the same time we integrated the campaign identity into the development section of the Riverdale Country School website. Users of the site can follow the progress of this major fundraising effort and learn more about the campaign’s goals. Read more about our work for the Riverdale Country School website. →