Designlounge Projects


Let’s listen to each other’s stories! Designlounge worked with StoryCorps’ communications team to unify the organization’s brand identity and all marketing materials with the goal to reach many different groups of people who want to tell their stories to willing listeners and loved ones.
StoryCorps is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization whose mission it is to record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs. Each recorded story is archived in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Designlounge, in collaboration with the communications team at StoryCorps, helped to develop a consistent visual brand that is geared towards existing and new participants, as well as alumni storytellers.

Designlounge developed a graphic system that included logos, brochures, posters, newsletters, mailings, buttons, stickers and other materials to unify the visual look and feel.

Design Services
Identity Refinement, Stationery System, Brochures, Posters, Direct Marketing, Newsletters, Book Design, Posters, Website Architecture and Design

Logo System and Basic Stationery
Creating a Flexible Logo System to Allow for Growth

Capabilities Brochure and City-specific Brochures
Small Brochures Designed to Serve Many Purposes
Participants can record stories in booths that were set up in New York City, Nashville, and San Francisco (and other cities), or in Airstream trailers that have been traveling around the country. Stories can also be recorded with the help of a StoryCorps team that will travel to selected destinations, as it did as part of the Memory Loss Initiative. Several tours were geared towards specific groups of people including segments of the Hispanic population, Alaskan minorities, and the African-American communities.
Since each segment has its own requirements, we created a system of brochures that has been easy to adapt and produce. In each brochure, the StoryCorps taglines were consistently and prominently featured to communicate the value of what it means to have each others’ stories recorded.

StoryBooths and Airstream trailers
Telling Stories Around the Country
Together with the StoryCorps team, we designed the signage of the New York City recording booth. The typographical arrangements of the taglines, the logo as well as short descriptions played with the physical dimensions of the inside and outside to draw people closer to the booth. A special glass allowed for interesting effects of words that slowly revealed themselves. Large posters on each side explained the recording process.
The Airstream trailer signage was kept simple since the beauty of the vehicles produced attention without effort. We provided size recommendations and plans for the sign makers to produce the logo elements.

Marketing Materials
Tour Cards, Buttons, Readable Mugs, and Great Questions
From postcards that announced the arrival of the Airstream trailers to a town near you, mugs, buttons, posters to be disseminated in cities, to the design of a book cover as well as a deck of cards to help people ask great questions—we designed all materials as part of a consistent yet flexible communication system.

Alumni Mailings and Newsletter
Staying in Touch with Past Participants
We designed a newsletter template as well as alumni mailings for fundraising purposes. Past participants love the idea of recording their stories and each member of a family has a different story to tell.

Listen now and anywhere
Many Ways to Listen to Stories: Dial-in, CD, Radio and Online
Following the overall graphic system, we created posters in varies sizes and other materials to announce ways to listen to stories. Once a story was recorded, the participant received a CD in a nice sleeve.

A companion website
A Website for the “National Day of Listening”
As a companion site to the main StoryCorps website for which we also provided design services, we created the interface and navigation system for the “National Day of Listening” website. It provided information about the many ways on how participants could record each other’s stories.