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Topography of Type

The Topography of Type is an attempt to document the visual landscape of type in a given area. The website invites users to explore the image and text content in a linear fashion or as aimlessly as one might experience an unknown terrain. This printed broadsheet newspaper is a companion piece to the website.
While the images in the broadsheet are loosely organized based on the typographic classification system, the arrangement also describes the at times erratic experience of how we see type in a given area. We look up and down to read what is in front of us and seconds later we scan walls and storefronts for a myriad of messages, alerts, advertisements, and artistic expressions created with type.

The images and the accompanying stories are surrounded by fictitious typographic villages, streets and landscapes. Cities and streets tell type stories of ups and downs, old and new, and reveal preserved and overlooked readabilites. Go and kern (adjust) your observations.

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