Designlounge Projects

Topography of Type

This project explores if a specific typographical landscape—a “topography of type”—exists that is unique to an area and how it could be visualized in digital and analog formats. Can it be a virtual or visual corridor through which one travels to be in a specific place the same way that a kid might look at maps to travel to far away places in her imagination?
We wanted to look at this project not just through the eyes of designers but through the eyes of explorers or mapmakers. The intention has been to collect and select, compare and juxtapose obvious, fragmented or indecipherable messages made of letters in a specific area, or “landscape.” The collections are categorized with some connection to typical typeface classifications but also experiment with the norms in artistic terms.
This project consists of this website, while printed materials will cross the bridge from the digital to the analog environment (coming soon).

The Project Ingredients
Concept, Photography, Writing, WordPress Setup and Theme Adjustments