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Turnaround for Children

For Turnaround for Children, an organization that provides strategies for schools with high concentrations of students impacted by adversity, Designlounge created an Intervention Resource Manual as well as a suite of anchor visuals describing the science behind brain development and child behavior.
Turnaround for Children strives to transform public education so that schools across America are designed to confront the predictable and recurring challenges of poverty as they manifest inside public schools. Designlounge worked with Turnaround for Children to create an in-depth intervention resource manual that outlines specific child behaviors and steps educators can take to help students succeed.

An extensive section with various colorful and strategic resources are included that teachers can use in the classroom to engage with the students.

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Intervention Resource Ideas: Behavior Bucks and Tokens

Turnaround Anchor Visuals
We designed a series of anchor visuals and infographics that illustrate the science behind brain development and child behavior, a flow chart that visualizes a multi-tiered support system of necessary steps to help each child, as well as visuals that describe phases of “acting out” and how to calm down a situation. All anchor visuals were sequenced for interactive application.