Designlounge Workflow
A more or less constant stream of ideas, sketches, creative process, work, quiet places and other musings

Topography of Type

This project explores if a specific typographical landscape—a “topography of type”—exists that is unique to an area and how it could be visualized in digital and analog formats. Can it be a virtual or visual corridor through which one travels to be in a specific place the same way that a kid might look at maps to travel to far away places in her imagination? Read More

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

In search of a quiet place, we can only recommend the extraordinary Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark. This room was part of the exhibition “Eye Attack: Op Art and Kinetic Art 1950–1970” representing a timeline of visual experimentation and achievements. We visited the museum earlier this year and the view overlooking the bay of Nivå Bugt alone is worth the trip. Click the images to see the slideshow.

International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)

For over a decade Designlounge has worked with the ICTJ to design the organization’s logo identity, a comprehensive publication template system, six annual reports, a series of special reports and many other smaller but no less important communication materials. What follows below is a selection of these projects, all relating to the expanding field of transitional justice. Read More