Designlounge Projects

Yale University

Kicked off in 2006, “Yale Tomorrow” was the title of a five-year campaign to fund the future of Yale University. Designlounge designed four annual reports in the following years to report on the campaign progress.
The reports brought specific programs into the spotlight that were already among the best in the world but for which the university challenged itself to make them even stronger during this campaign. The report also highlighted major transformative donor gifts that made a difference in advancing education at Yale University.
For the years of 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 Designlounge also created financial reports which are different publications than the donor-centric annual reports.
Design Services
Annual Report (sample spreads)
yale_ar10_cover_734 yale_ar10_spr_01_734 yale_ar10_spr_02_734 yale_ar10_spr_03_734 yale_ar10_spr_04_734
Financial Report (sample spreads)
yale_fr0809_cover_734 yale_fr0809_spr_01_734 yale_fr0809_spr_02_734 yale_fr0809_spr_03_734 yale_fr0809_spr_04_734 yale_fr0809_spr_05_734