Disability History Museum

Designing communication materials to help deepen the understanding of the history of people with disabilities

Disability History Museum artifacts and logo


The Disability History Museum is an online experience that allows users to search thousands of digital artifacts that document the history of disabilities from blindness and deafness to many other forms of physical disabilities. The educational section of the website provides extensive tools and lesson plans for teachers to bring the history of disability into the classroom.
We created the identity to drive attention to the main content sections of the website. The altered letters in “dhm” signify the three gateways — or archways — to the content of the site: the library, the education section, and the museum.
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Disability History Museum logo
Disability History Museum logo parts library education museum
letterhead, envelope, business card
Logo identity and stationery

The Disability History Museum Website

The website allows users to search thousands of digital artifacts that document the history of disabilities such as blindness and deafness, as well as many other forms of physical and mental disabilities. The website’s exhibit and special feature sections will include an in‐depth overview of the American author, activist, and lecturer Helen Keller who is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities. View the website →
Disability History Museum website desktop computer and iPad
Website home page
website screens for library and education sections
The library section allows users to search thousands of artifacts relating to the history of disabilities. The website gets numerous visits from educators, researchers and many other interested visitors.
The museums’s director has been working on a documentary about the life and impact of Helen Keller. A successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018 has brought in the funds to complete the film. It will air on PBS American Masters in 2020.1
  1. We have seen previews of various stages of the film and the final version is not to be missed when it airs on American Masters.
Helen Keller printed poster with braille
Kickstarter Helen Keller poster
We designed several materials for the Kickstarter campaign including this poster which was first digitally printed and then imprinted with braille. In the poster Helen Keller is looking at images of herself at different ages.
Disability History Museum Facebook page
We designed the “Becoming Helen Keller” identity and social media visuals. Yes, that’s Charlie Chaplin.
Helen Keller logo identity
poster that show writing tools for blind people and hand letter signs
Poster sketches
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