Good Shepherd Services

Creating publications for an organization that serves over 30,000 program participants in NYC


Good Shepherd Services is a leading youth development and family services agency in New York City that serves over 30,000 program participants a year. Designlounge has designed eight annual reports, a monograph describing the evolution of this mission-driven organization, capabilities brochures, maps to locate the many programs throughout the city, newsletters, as well as advertisements.

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  • Brochures
  • Monograph
  • Education
  • Not-for-Profit
The capabilities brochure entitled “Success is right there in front of us” communicates the agency’s approach of surrounding youth and families with the services and supports they need to succeed. 
Capabilities brochure spreads 
The capabilities brochure condensed into a four-fold format 

Service Brochure System

The next step was to design a system of services brochures and separate program location maps that were housed in a specifically created pocket folder. Each brochure was color-coded and designed to be short and concise so they could be changed and reproduced easily.

Small and large service brochures and a custom-designed folder 
Service brochure spreads and program maps 

Good Shepherd Services Monograph

Incorporated in 1947, Good Shepherd Services’ work on behalf of New York’s most vulnerable is underscored by its original mission and core values, which are driven by the belief that despite the challenges people face, if given the right set of supports and opportunities, they have the ability to change and grow over time. Today Good Shepherd Services is an extraordinary example of a children, youth and family services agency that is leading the nonprofit field and influences public education to effectively support young people. Good Shepherd Services asked us to create the organization’s monograph to trace its history and successes.

Monograph Cover 
Monograph spreads 

Monograph spread: Good Shepherd Services’ history of service in New York City laid out in a timeline.

The annual report entitled “Achieving Impact” highlighted new opportunities to bring Good Shepherd Services’ work and innovative programs to additional neighborhoods. Designlounge created a bold and active graphic system1 to bring attention to the organization’s impact. 
  1. Sometimes a well-designed set of arrows is just the right approach to visualize energy and grit.
Annual report cover and spread 
Annual report spreads 
Annual report spreads 

Annual Report: Expanding Boundaries

The accomplishments and activities described in this annual report highlight just some of the ways that Good Shepherd Services has worked to help program participants take ownership of a more promising future. Central to this work are the partnerships with families, with schools, and with the broader community. We initiated and art directed a photoshoot to capture the essence of six program participants and made the portraits the focus of the report. The description of the achievements and financials were printed separately and bound into the folded report.

Annual report produced in a large tri-fold format that introduced program participants 

Annual Report 2009: Resilience

Annual report fold-out spread 

Annual report fully folded out and cover

Annual Report 2006: Building Momentum

Annual report cover and spreads 
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