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A magazine about a trip to Italy


Traveling to any place—however remote, undiscovered, or already described and illustrated in countless ways—means to learn and to embrace unexpected experiences. A trip to Italy produced the desire to visually interpret our impressions in the form of a magazine called “Found It.”

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Various spreads with original photography

Jaws dropped around every corner

Every place offers something special. A unique set of colors. People that are the salt of the earth. Roads that lead to unexpected visual experiences and dropped jaws around every corner. The spreads visually and editorially express what we saw, heard, and felt when we arrived at a family-run organic farm south of Rome, visited rather old towns and cities in Tuscany, and connected with people we met from many countries.

A typographic timeline of cities visited
This trip resulted in a magazine but the next experience might be expressed as a book, a website1, or a series of posters. Anything is possible.
  1. Actually we did create a website for our bike trip through Ireland. Link to come.
Magazine cover
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