National Academy Museum and School

Designing the invitation materials for the National Academy’s annual gala events and induction ceremonies


Designlounge worked with the National Academy Museum and School in New York City to create the branding and invitation materials for the institution’s 2016 and 2017 Gala and Auction, the museum’s annual fundraiser events.

Each year the Gala celebrates and honors selected artist and architects for their groundbreaking work with distinguished achievement awards. The funds raised benefit the Academy’s exhibitions, public programs, and upkeep of the extensive collection. For the 2017 Gala materials, we created a visually bold identity to mark a new direction the institution will embark on going forward. The materials included a 24-page program booklet, the invitation, and the reply card.

  • Gala Identity
  • Invitations
  • Event Publications
  • Education
  • Arts
Invitation and envelope 

The event location was beautifully prepared with the identity projected onto large screens.

Event program cover and table of contents 
Event program spread 
Event program spread 
Event program spread 

2016 Gala + Auction Invitation and Program

For the 2016 Gala identity, the word Gala was visually melting with the year 2016 which was a good symbol of unity for the National Academy Museum and School.

The 2016 Gala event invitation and program materials 
Elected annually by their peers, new members join a historic roster of more than 2,000 Academicians who have made significant contributions to American art and architecture since the Academy’s founding in 1825. We designed the starbursty1 Academician Induction Ceremony invitation. 
  1. The many Academicians that are part of the National Academy’s roster of influential artists and architects are indeed stars in their professions. Creative energy emits from their talents and expertise.
National Academician Induction Ceremony program 
National Academician Induction Ceremony invitation and program materials 
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