Petit St. Vincent Resort

Strengthening the brand of a luxurious island resort—all 113 acres of it


Petit St. Vincent, also called PSV, is a luxurious island resort south of St. Vincent in the Grenadines. This private hideaway belongs to a group of islands that are sprinkled across what may be the most beautiful stretch of water in the Caribbean. Designlounge began working with the original resort owners more than a decade ago when we designed all brand materials in print and on the web. When the resort changed hands the new owners continued to work with us on all aspects of the visual brand, beginning with minor modifications to the logo identity and the brand language.

In order to maintain and strengthen the brand equity that had been established over many years, the redesign of materials such as brochures and newsletters were carefully calibrated to reflect the upgrades of the resort.

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Logo identity and stationery system 
An aerial view of the island which is the entire resort. Its highest peak is called “Marni Hill” which inspired the logo design. 

The all hand-drawn and then digitized island map, printed on nice paper, guides guests on excursions—island treasures await.

Capabilities brochure cover and spreads 

The PSV website provides visitors with a wealth of information. We believe that deep and reflective content is a crucial element for a brand to connect with people. That includes content not driven by SEO1, but supportive of its best practices—the best kind of SEO for a Caribbean hideaway.2

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depends on the careful balance of providing authentic content and the requirements of the search engine’s indexing processes. A SEO strategy has to be part of any website design and development project.
  2. What is the definition of a hideaway? Seclusion? Not being reachable at all times? That’s pretty close. Getting to PSV is part of that: A relaxing journey by big plane, small plane, a nice boat, and a mini-moke.
The website was designed and programmed based on best SEO practices. The responsive version of the website is currently in development. 
Examples of website interior pages. The image gallery can be sorted by categories. 
We illustrated several maps for a hand-made and authentic feel. 

Printed and Electronic Newsletters

While the brand strategy and the design of communication materials received necessary updates over time, the newsletters remained a constant. It is an informative and entertaining marketing tool for the resort and we always have fun to let our creative energy spark with each new edition.

Fun Fact: The newsletter name change from 12°31′ to 12°32′ did not mean that the island had moved itself to a slightly different location. The initial number and masthead element was based on a generous rounding up of the geographic coordinates which were later revised to be more precise. A case of not finding the island was never reported although it would give the word “hideaway” a completely new meaning.

Covers of a few printed newsletters 
Newsletter cover and spread with a detailed content view. PSV is deeply engaged in ocean preservation and Jean-Michel Cousteau established a dive center on the island. PSV’s current owner started and has been maintaining a program to regrow a native coral. 
A spread highlighting aspects of sustainability efforts, dining, and other fun facts 
For this newsletter we created original illustrations for the cover and inside spreads. The newsletter was dedicated to the journey of three people who sailed a new boat to the island resort. 

We designed the electronic newsletter to stay in contact with former guests.

Print and Electronic Ads

We created various advertisements that were placed in regional magazines as well as in the New Yorker Magazine. For TripAdvisor we developed a website banner campaign.

Ads in various sizes for a TripAdvisor Banner Campaign 

We designed print ads for regional magazines and for the New Yorker Magazine.

There is no Internet connection in the cottages (yes, no Facebook, sorry, not sorry), and phone service is only used for emergencies. Hoist the yellow flag to signal a wish to the staff. Or the red flag for complete and undisturbed privacy.1
  1. This flag system has been in use since the opening of the resort in 1964. In a world where we seem to be able to control everything from a smart phone, going out in the morning to insert a hand-written form into a bamboo slot to order breakfast is a deeply natural and unplugged experience.
Select a breakfast form among others from the nicely designed cottage guest information box. 
Fill out the form, place it in the bamboo slot and hoist the yellow flag. Hint: Don’t hoist the red flag—nobody will come. 🙂 
The order will be picked up promptly. 
Afternoon tea delivered! 
We designed the forms that guests use to order breakfast, lunch, laundry service, island transportation and much more. 
We illustrated a set of loose and sketchy icons that have been used throughout the printed materials. 
The welcome sign we designed greets resort guests as well as visiting sailors. 
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