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Redesigning the athletics icon and overall brand identity for the Riverdale Falcons


By choosing to become a falcon at the Riverdale Country School, a student will become part of a long-standing tradition of success and pride both in the classroom and on the playing fields and courts. Designlounge worked with the school to refresh the athletics icon and overall athletics brand identity. Currently Riverdale students in the middle and upper schools can join over 70 sport teams including football, soccer, volleyball, squash, tennis, track and field, ultimate frisbee, and many more. Managing and keeping track of the consistent integration and application of the brand elements in printed and online materials but most importantly on uniforms and sports apparel is a complex process. We developed an identity system that has enabled the athletics department to quickly combine and apply the appropriate brand elements. This includes the basic wordmarks with or without the icon, the uniform numbers in varies sizes, as well as the signature “R“ for Riverdale.

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The athletics identity needed to work well on different backgrounds and fabrics. 
Based on our design and drawings the school created the mascot, which can now be seen at all major events including festivities that are not necessarily connected to sports. The school community decided to name the mascot “Felix.”
The variations of the Riverdale R 
The identity elements applied to apparel 
A banner for the gym 

In the eye of the falcon—and in the letter R

There is determination, sharpness, speed, and purpose in the Falcon’s eye that can be observed behind the scene and out-front in the open. His eye is the center of Riverdale’s athletics experience, and quite literally and typographically the “eye” of the “R”.

Who is waiting patiently behind the R and making a big entrance when it is the right time? It is Felix to cheer on the Riverdale athletes. 

An extensive system of sports wordmarks 

We designed the wordmarks for all teams (a small selection is shown here) of which variations can be used when teams compete at home or at other schools. The typography is based on the same typeface that is used for the entire school for visual consistency.

Athletics team wordmarks in different variations and combinations 
We had a great time working with Riverdale and the athletics director on this brand system. Each time we return to the campus we discover new placements and combinations of the brand elements1.
  1. It is especially rewarding to see how the new brand and mascot have been embraced by the entire community. There is somehow, somewhere always a Falcon watching out for the success of all students.
A selection of images to show how the brand has been applied to a variety of apparel. Above is a shot of the beautiful Riverdale Country School campus and several sports fields. 

Athletics Brand Style Guide

We created the athletics brand style guide to help the department make fast and easy decisions when it is time to order new apparel or when students have specific requests for a combination of brand elements. The goal was to remain flexible as possible throughout the brand system.

Pages of the athletics brand style guide 
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