Riverdale Country School

It’s all about the learning eXperience


This publication is designed to provide an overview of the academic journey at Riverdale and includes the signature programs that distinguish and differentiate a Riverdale education. It gives the reader insight into the philosophy that guides the school’s programs from the earliest days of pre‑K through 12th grade graduation.

The Riverdale learning experience is influenced by many factors including the science of how children learn, the belief in developing character strengths, the value of learning through dialogue and conversation, and the faculty’s deep disciplinary expertise and commitment to modeling active life-long learning.

  • Publication Design
  • Photography Supervision
  • Identity
  • Annual Report
  • Education
LX = The Riverdale Learning Experience. On 32 pages a reader will understand and appreciate how Riverdale integrated all resources and expertise to provide the basis for life-long learning. The 4 parts of the X each signify the main educational programs: Humanities, STEM, Arts and Culture, and Special Projects. 
Introduction to the Lower School 
Fifth grade page and last page of the Lower School section 
Spreads for Pre‑K, K, first grade, and second grade 
Several spreads are dedicated to the Upper School electives. The flexible X symbol is used again to highlight each educational program: Humanities, STEM, Arts and Music, and Special Projects. 
The Riverdale eXperience inspires curiosity and purpose, develops resilience and kindness, and promotes a commitment to pursuing understanding of oneself and others in this rapidly changing world. As part of the school’s evolution, Designlounge contributed ideas and concepts for a visual identity that has the potential to be bold1, creative, flexible and future-oriented. 
  1. A bold approach was also expressed by using an oversized newspaper broadsheet as the presentation format.

The visual identity concepts were presented to the school’s board in the form of a printed newspaper size broadsheet.

Various identity concepts and sketches 
More concepts and sketches, among them visual and typographic ideas for what Riverdale calls “Think, Build, Share, Reflect.” 

The visual eXploration created the basis for the 2017–18 annual report entitled “creating the Riverdale eXperience together.”

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