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Designing the brand identity and materials for Riverdale’s seven-year capital campaign


In the Fall of 2014, Riverdale Country School went public with a major fundraising effort to secure the school’s future with the necessary resources to offer a truly exceptional educational experience to the students. Among other priorities, this $100 million campaign has enabled the school to add and update buildings, develop new programs, and bolster financial aid. Designlounge collaborated with Riverdale to develop the campaign brand identity, annual reports, digital presentation, and supporting materials to communicate this seven-year effort.

“R+” in combination with “The Riverdale Campaign” is the campaign identity which was paired with the tagline “Inspiring Education.”

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  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • Annual Reports
  • Poster
  • Education
We designed the campaign logo identity, stationery system, and the invitation for the campaign’s kickoff event. 

The “R+You = a secure future for Riverdale”-themed annual report launched the public phase of the campaign.

The second campaign annual report provided an overview of how Riverdale enables students and teachers to learn from other cultures and how it influences the mind, character and the community by reaching out into the world. 

Campaign Case Brochure

After the launch of the campaign’s public phase we designed the case brochure to introduce the campaign goals and priorities to a wider donor audience. The priorities included to build new inspiring facilities, to support and grow the annual fund and school programs, as well as to increase financial aid.

The campaign case brochure outlined the 7‑year goal and described the campaign priorities. 
Facilities campaign priority: A new lower school building 
Facilities campaign priority: A new swimming pool 
The campaign allowed the school to build truly inspiring spaces for learning and teaching such as the new Upper Learning Building as part of the Lower School and a new swimming pool. 

Campaign Digital Presentation and Website

We developed a digital iPad presentation that Riverdale’s leadership team used to introduce the campaign goals in person or via projections. At the same time we integrated the campaign identity into the development section of the Riverdale Country School website. Users of the site can follow the progress of this major fundraising effort and learn more about the campaign’s goals.

The digital presentation created for a tablet was used in meetings to describe the campaign goals to potential donors. 
We integrated the campaign identity into the responsive Riverdale website 

Annual Appeal Mailer and Poster

We continued to create other materials such as an annual appeal mailer package, and a poster that communicated how the R+ campaign has been based on the schools values, learning principles, and educational outcomes.

We designed an annual appeal mailer as a folder package that communicated the four campaign priorities to the Riverdale community and beyond  (R+Everyone=RX). The shape of the X for “experience” began to emerge. 

We designed a poster that communicated the school’s values, educational outcomes, and learning principles with a dynamic R+ in the background.

The R+ poster in the classroom during a presentation. 
The R+ also works as a large signage symbol. The presentation and talk centered around preparing students for a fast-changing world. 
The campaign annual reports expanded on the concept of “R+You = a secure future for Riverdale.” Among the report themes relevant to an inspiring education were “R+Purpose” (2015), “Ahead of the Curve” (2016) and “creating the Riverdale eXperience1 together” (2017).
  1. The X began to play a larger role in the thinking about the school’s next identity evolution. See how we incorporated the X into Riverdale’s academic publication and the 2017–18 annual report →
Finding and maintaining a sense of purpose is both exhilarating and challenging. This annual report communicated Riverdale’s focus on giving the students all of the tools they will need to help them find and develop purpose throughout their lifetimes. 
This annual report focuses on the growth mindset that puts Riverdale, and its students and faculty, “Ahead of the Curve.” Each letter of the title expresses a learning segment that contributes to each student’s growth. 
Inside front cover and letter 
Essay opening spread: Learning Curve 
Image spread: Lower, Middle and Upper School 

We designed a companion poster that included all letters of the alphabet as part of the Learning Curves A–Z.

We also printed a blank letter poster which was used by lower school students to fill in, write in, draw in, and imagine individual learning curves and outcomes.

Meaningful experiences have been made possible by the generosity of the community to the campaign. This annual report entitled “creating the Riverdale eXperience together” was printed with 4 different covers using the X as the visual vessel for different Riverdale experiences. The title type was printed with a glossy foil that wrapped around the X to demonstrate how the Riverdale experience is all encompassing. 
The spreads were dedicated to the campaign priorities. In this case the Annual Fund. 
Campaign Priority: Facilities 
Campaign Priority: Programs 
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