Unifying StoryCorps’ brand identity to reach people who want to tell their stories


StoryCorps is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization whose mission it is to record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs. Each recorded story is archived in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Designlounge, in collaboration with the communications team at StoryCorps, helped to develop a consistent visual brand that was geared towards existing and new participants, as well as alumni storytellers.

We developed a graphic system that included logos, brochures, posters, newsletters, mailings, buttons, stickers and other materials to unify the visual look and feel.

  • Identity
  • Print Design
  • Signage
  • Promotions
  • Website
  • Human Rights
  • Nonprofit
Logo variations and programmatic logo identity system 
We designed a multitude of three- and four-fold brochures. Above: the capabilities brochure. 

Telling Stories around the Country

Together with the StoryCorps team, we designed the signage of the recording booth in Manhattan. The typographical arrangements of the taglines, the logo, and descriptive text played with the physical dimensions of the inside and outside to draw people closer to the booth. A special window glass allowed for interesting effects of words that slowly revealed themselves. Large posters on each side explained the recording process.

The Airstream trailer signage of the traveling booth was kept simple since the beauty of the vehicles produced attention without effort. We provided size recommendations and plans for the sign makers to produce the signage.

StoryBooth in Lower Manhattan 
StoryBooth in Lower Manhattan 
Airstream Trailer with a recording booth inside, traveling through Washington, D.C.
Tell your story and have another person truly listen to you.1 That is what StoryCorps enables people to do. 
  1. We do not have to remind anybody how difficult it can be at times to encounter the patience and willingness of other people to really listen to what we have to say——uninterrupted. StoryCorps’ setup provides the necessary calm and quiet environment.
Promotional materials to announce the mobile listening tour 
The graphics applied to a book, a book mark and a good cup of coffee 
We designed a set of cards that help participants ask pertinent questions in an interview with a friend or loved one. 

Staying in Touch with Past Participants

We designed a newsletter template as well as alumni mailing packages for fundraising purposes. Past participants loved the idea of having their stories recorded and each member of a family has a different story to tell. And since they are aired on NPR they can listen in on other people’s stories.

We created direct mailings to reach past participant, as well as an alumni newsletter. 
On-site posters tell people where and how they can listen to recorded stories. 
A CD was produced after each recording session and given to the participant. We designed the CD package. 

A Website for the “National Day of Listening”

As a companion site to the main StoryCorps website for which we also provided design services, we created the interface and navigation system for the “National Day of Listening” event. It provided information about the many ways participants could record each other’s stories, and why it is important to listen to each other.

Website for StoryCorps’ National Day of Listening event 
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