Turnaround for Children

Creating publications for schools and teachers to help students affected by poverty succeed


Turnaround for Children strives to transform public education so that schools across America are designed to confront the predictable and recurring challenges of poverty as they manifest inside public schools. We created a series of manuals and anchor visuals that schools and teachers can use to help students succeed.

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The “Leadership Resource Manual” supports and guides school leaders through the steps needed to successfully accomplish critical improvement efforts, ultimately leading to better outcomes for students and staff. 
Manual table of contents for an overview of the tools schools can use to implement necessary changes. 
Manual spread 
The Turnaround Intervention Resource Manual includes a series of intervention strategies and tools that can be used in the classroom to engage with students and to help in difficult situations. 
Among those tools are so-called behavior bucks and other elements that provide rewards and acknowledgements. 
We designed a series of anchor visuals1 and infographics that illustrate, among other, the science behind brain development and child behavior, as well as visuals that describe phases of “acting out” and how to calm down a situation. 
  1. We created these visuals in interactive sequences for use in presentations and templates.
Anchor visuals to illustrate important aspects of child behavior 
Anchor visual “growth mindset vs. fixed mindset”: a no-brainer 
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